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Consultation OPENS about whether Robin Hood Primary & Nursery School should become an Academy as part of the Coombe Academy Trust

The Governing Body of Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School is consulting about whether Robin Hood should become an academy as part of the Coombe Academy Trust (which includes the Coombe secondary schools, Green Lane Primary & Nursery School and Knollmead Primary School).  

The consultation runs until Friday 15th December - please have your say.

If the proposal is taken forward it is anticipated that Robin Hood Primary & Nursery School would become an academy on 1st September 2019. 


The reasons for the proposal

The Governors of Robin Hood are making this proposal because:

  • Schools within the Coombe and New Malden area have an established partnership that includes shared moderation and assessment work, shared opportunities for pupils and shared training and development for staff including newly qualified teachers;
  • By joining the Coombe Academy Trust it would strengthen and deepen the collaboration between the schools, focusing upon improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all the schools within the Trust;
  • Government policy has been encouraging schools to become academies and in particular to form or join multi-academy trusts (meaning that several schools are within the same academy trust); and
  • Schools within multi-academy trusts can access a wider range of funding opportunities, to enhance facilities and resources for all. 


What would happen if Robin Hood does convert?

If Robin Hood does convert and join the Coombe Academy Trust, Robin Hood would:

  • Keep the name ‘Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School’; 
  • Keep the same school uniform;
  • Keep the same school day, and the school year would continue to be set within the context of other local schools;
  • Keep the same admissions policy and Published Admission Number (PAN) for entry into Reception; 
  • Keep the same staff; and
  • Benefit from increased opportunities for all staff at the partnership schools to liaise and collaborate on leadership development, specialist subjects and transition planning.

 What is an academy and how is it different?

An academy is an independent state school, funded directly from central government rather than through Kingston Council. An academy has several differences from a community school, including:

  • Being responsible for its own admissions policy;
  • Being responsible for its land and buildings;
  • Freedom from the requirement to follow the National Curriculum;
  • Being the employer of its staff; and
  • Receiving its share of the funding that is retained by the local authority for maintained schools, and having the responsibility for providing those services;

 The Coombe Secondary Schools converted to academy status in February 2012; the Girls’ School was judged to be ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in May 2013 and the Boys’ School was judged to be ‘good’ with outstanding leadership and management in December 2013 which was reaffirmed on 6 March 2018.

The trust would help ensure that Robin Hood gains the most advantage from being an academy.

Robin Hood would continue to have a Local Governing Body that includes parents and staff. 

Where can I find further information? How can I have my say? 

More detailed Questions and Answers will become available (from the 15th November) on the school website ( or from the school office. Further information about academies is also available on the Department for Education website (

You can have your say by:

In addition, staff at the other schools within the Trust, local Councillors and Kingston Council, and other local schools are also being consulted. 

The consultation closes on 15th December 2018.


What happens next?

The Governing Body of Robin Hood and the Board of Trustees for the Coombe Academy Trust anticipate making their final decisions in January 2019. These decisions will be informed by a range of information, including any comments raised through this consultation. 

If the decision is not to convert, Robin Hood Primary & Nursery School would remain a LA maintained school. If the decision is to convert, the conversion would be anticipated to take place on 1 September 2019.

Yours sincerely

Mr Boulton